A modest target

A modest target

So by now you’ve read about my previous attempts at game development. For my latest journey into this wonderful world I am porting and fleshing out one of my most popular flash games. I intend the game to be a feature full game, complete with game extending features such as a level editor and community level market place for people to download new levels (for free). I personally hate micro transactions and free to play so it is my plan to charge for my game all all platforms.

So before even thinking about coding Factory I sat down with some awesome spreadsheets and put down some estimates on much time I would need to put into the game (coding, marketing, thinking about it etc), how much I need to get some really nice graphics created for it, some music and some basic estimates for advertising and store fees etc. I added all that up and got a, not too big, figure which I would consider the break even point for Factory. As I’m building the game to be cross platform from the start (using libGDX) I decided on a split between the platforms (PCs and Tablets) and then worked out the amount of copies that I need to sell in order to hit that break even.

So without further blabbering here are some of the numbers that I came up with:

  • Budgeted 52 days of work (Full days)
  • Expecting 75% (Value) PC sales
  • Targeting sale price of €14.99 on PC and €6.99 on tablets
  • Total sale needed to break even: ~2,500

That’s right, to hit my target break even point, I only need to sell 2,500 copies of the game. I feel like this is a very reachable target. If even 0.15% of everyone who has played the the flash version buys the game I will have reached that goal.