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Coloring Atlas of the Human Body presents a accomplished assessment of human anatomy and body structure for visually-oriented and kinesthetic rookies. through coloring a sequence of in particular designed diagrams and the accompanying flashcards, scholars will study and keep in mind techniques even more successfully than with conventional textbooks on my own. the finished coloring routines and flashcards may also function instruments to check and get ready for examinations.

A better half web site contains extra coloring workouts and bonus examine and try taking tips.

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As you examine each one degree in hemostasis, colour the entire parts of every diagram and the corresponding phrases. Use a gentle colour for the damage, represented by means of a cloud. be aware that the arrows F symbolize vasoconstriction. colour the platelets G and the platelet plug G1 an identical colour. Plasmin ok is symbolized via scissors. 2. The flowchart containers labelled with letters is also coloured if you want. three. observe that the categorised constructions usually are not to scale. LWBK244-4102G-C08_124-155. qxd 12/12/2008 04:09 PM web page 133 Aptara Inc. bankruptcy eight The Cardiovascular process B A C D E harm A G1 F F C D Orginal measurement of vessel E G F F Vasoconstriction Platelet plug formation A G1 I J okay H C D E Clot Initiation Hemostasis 133 LWBK244-4102G-C08_124-155. qxd 12/17/08 2:32 AM web page 134 Aptara Inc. Coloring workout 8-6 ➤ Anatomy of the center ™ FLASHCARDS 29 AND 30 identify constitution functionality improved vena cava A huge vein supplies deoxygenated blood from above diaphragm to center Inferior vena cava B huge vein grants deoxygenated blood from reduce physique to center Thin-walled center chamber; higher correct gets blood from venae cavae and coronary sinus (Coloring workout 8-7) Valve keeping apart correct atrium and ventricle; 3 cusps Prevents backflow of blood from the ventricle to the atrium Thin-walled middle chamber (thicker than atria); decrease correct gets blood from correct atrium, supplies it to pulmonary trunk Pulmonary valve F Three-cusp valve at pulmonary trunk front Prevents backflow from pulmonary artery into correct ventricle Pulmonary trunk G huge artery gives you blood to pulmonary arteries correct H , left I pulmonary arteries the one arteries sporting deoxygenated blood carry deoxygenated blood to lungs correct J , left okay lungs web site of fuel alternate among air and blood upload oxygen to blood, get rid of carbon dioxide from blood correct L , left M pulmonary veins the single veins sporting oxygenated blood carry oxygenated blood to left atrium Thin-walled middle chamber; higher left gets blood from pulmonary veins, provides it to left ventricle C correct atrium correct AV valve D correct ventricle E N Left atrium Left AV valve O Valve keeping apart left atrium and ventricle; cusps Prevents backflow of blood from the ventricle to the atrium Left ventricle P Thick-walled middle chamber; reduce left gets blood from left atrium; offers it to aorta Valve at aorta front; 3 cusps Prevents backflow from aorta into left ventricle Thick-walled artery gives you oxygenated blood to physique Tendons connecting papillary muscle and valves hinder valves from turning within out muscle groups connecting chordae tendineae to center muscle support chordae tendineae maintain valves in position Innermost center lining; epithelial tissue offers a gentle floor to avoid blood clotting Q Aortic valve Aorta R Chordae tendineae S Papillary muscle T U Endocardium Myocardium Epicardium Fibrous pericardium (not proven) 134 V W Cardiac muscle Contracts to propel blood Connective tissue (serous membrane) Protects myocardium; varieties serous pericardium Thick connective tissue membrane Protects and encloses middle; house among fibrous and serous pericardium can develop into contaminated ✍ COLORING directions 1.

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