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By Roland Huntford

Roland Huntford's "The New Totalitarians" is a publication way more prophetic than George Orwell's "1984". Written numerous many years in the past, Huntford's ebook has properly foretold the type of "soft totalitarianism" that's overtaking the west this present day. The Swedish version is that of a seriously taxed, bureacratic, totalitarianism during which "consensus" is completed by way of ostracisizing dissenters, developing unlegislated yet very genuine proposal and speech obstacles, compelling each person to imagine alike and behave alike and discouraging individuality at each chance. the location has been made a lot worse through the blossoming of a psychopathic feminist move with fool ladies misdefining each notion from "rape" to you identify it. the common Swede actually lives in a psychological strait jacket.

The comparable factor is going on open air of Sweden the place Swedish socialist tax and keep an eye on every thing from finance to concept and behaviour now prospers in every single place. This used to be simply getting begun in Huntford's day yet now it really is on a rampage. learn the publication - and tremble for the long run.

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