17th December 2008


Carver is a game that was based off tetris crossed with breakout with a gun. The aim of the game is to shoot blocks to remove them and make the whole thing look like of the patterns listed at the side of the screen. The game features 20 levels with 3 different patterns in each one.


A fast action type game where you must destroy blocks, which are falling down the screen in a tetris style, to match one of the patterns provided. Blast your way through 20 levels with 3 levels of difficulty in each. Beat them all to get the highest score and beat your friends.


Use your mouse to control the laser gun to destroy some of the blocks so that the remaining blocks match one of the three designs before the blocks fall off the screen. Use the Left and Right key or The ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys to rotate the blocks left or right. Use the Down or ‘S’ key to move the blocks faster.